VLC Streamer Helper

Streams your videos and movies from your PC to your Android or iOS device, allowing you to enjoy watching them anywhere within the range of the local WiFi network.

  • VLC Streamer Helper
  • Version :5.31
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mikhail Barashkov

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VLC Streamer Helper Description

VLC Streamer offers you a better alternative to copying movies or videos on your phone, by streaming them directly from your PC via a wireless connection.

If you want to enjoy watching clips on your Android or iOS device, not only that this method is more convenient, but it saves you from having to copy the files manually and thus, take up a significant amount of storage space when this is actually not necessary.

Stream PC videos on your Android / iOS device

For the streaming process to work, you must install the Android / iOS edition of VLC Streamer on your device and deploy VLC Streamer Helper on your PC (a Mac OS edition is also available).  In other words, the VLC Streamer Helper is the server side that makes it possible for the clip to be played on the handheld device. Once the two apps are installed and running, your PC should be instantly visible in the main window of the mobile app.

With a modern-looking interface and straightforward options, VLC Streamer Helper delivers an intuitive management app for the streamed movies and the entire conversion process.

Add movies to the list and set the conversion quality

Adding movies or videos to the streaming list is very easy, as you only have to drag and drop them onto the main window. Alternatively, it is possible to browse for a specific file and add an entire DVD to the queue. The array of compatible files is generous enough to meet the requirements of most users.

The conversion quality can be customized, and you should choose the option that fits your connection speed best (low bandwidth connections for slower networks or normal to very high resolutions for superior transfer speeds). Alternatively, the application enables you to define custom video and audio bitrates and playback width and tamper with some advanced conversion settings that are bound to make the playback smoother.

A convenient way to stream videos to your Android / iOS handset

One of the best things about VLC Streamer Helper is that it doesn’t require a complex configuration. The PC is instantly visible within the mobile app, and the streaming can be started without a lot of hassle. Furthermore, there are various other settings that make your job easier, such as automatically adding movies from a specific folder.

For security reasons, you can configure the Helper to request a password when a client requests access to the streamed videos. This way, you can make sure no one watches your clips without permission.

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