Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp

A specialized piece of software designed to help video editors to stamp their files with date and time references with support for MOV and MP4 formats.

  • Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp
  • Version :1.4.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DTS8888

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Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp Description

Video files come in all formats and sizes, making it difficult to know when the recording took place. MP4 and MOV files have time codes embedded, but that does not mean you playback the video, you can view them. Also, if you edit the file, the time codes will be lost. Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp will let you view the date and time of your recordings.

A straightforward application with a minimalistic interface

The software will run on computers with operating systems newer than Windows 7. Although it does not have any particular hardware requirements, it will take advantage of powerful graphical processing units when stamping videos. As long as you have the latest drivers, there will be no compatibility issues regarding hardware acceleration.

The interface is well organized although it lacks any eye-candy. Each button opens a sub menu with relevant information, and the response time is short. You can view your files in their actual size, or you can force them to fit the main window.

Stamp date and time references for MOV and MP4 videos

Just as the name implies, you can utilize this software to extract the hidden time codes from your video files and display them in any location. You can also modify the output size to meet your specifications and make time adjustments to meet time zone standards.

The program can process multiple videos at the same time, making it perfect for professionals who work with several files. Various fonts and formats for the stamps can be modified to your liking.

A complementary piece of software

In conclusion, Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp is a multimedia editor that helps you stamp video files with date and time references. It is restricted only to two formats, which fortunately are the most widespread outputs for digital cameras and smartphones. It is not an impressive program, yet it gets to job done quickly.

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