Visual Family Tree Maker

Create and manage family histories, input detailed information and genealogy, then view detailed charts, with this comprehensive application.

  • Visual Family Tree Maker
  • Version :4.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jerry C. DeKeyser

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Visual Family Tree Maker Description

Visual Family Tree Maker is a complex tool that you can use to build your family tree by entering known information, perform research on various Internet databases and share your project with others.

Create your family tree

You can start by entering your personal information, then work your way backwards. The application allows you to input numerous details, such as occupation, places of residence, dates of various important events, religious affiliation and contact information.

You can add pictures to your family tree and attach them to specific individuals. They are organized into albums and certain image formats (JPG, BMP and GIF) can be viewed within the application.

Visual Family Tree Maker allows you to add sources, so that your information ca be verified, as well as special notes, in case you need to specify certain facts about a particular family member or the added information.

Perform online research and verify added data

The application allows you to search for information about various family members, by using an extensive list of family tree databases.

It is also possible to have the program automatically check the added data for inconsistencies, such as children born before their parents or various formatting errors.

View detailed reports and charts

Once you have compiled the available information, the application makes it possible to present it in an easy-to-understand and attractive form.

You can view the ancestors and descendants of a particular individual, detailed information about them, a pedigree chart, immediate family members or the available pictures and documents.

The information can be exported and printed in various ways. You can save ancestral charts or lists, individual or family records.

You can also export wall charts, which display the root person and their descendants or ancestors for up to twelve generations in tree format.

Overall, Visual Family Tree Maker is a complex utility, designed to help you create, manage and visualize your family tree. It features numerous functions, but it may be slightly difficult to use for novices.

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