Virtual WiFi

Setup virtual wireless networks, sharing your Internet connection with other portable devices, thanks to this handy piece of software.

  • Virtual WiFi
  • Version :2.9.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Adi Barbu

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Virtual WiFi Description

Whether you wish to connect to the Internet on your mobile devices rather than work on the computer or your simply want to share your Internet connection with friends, the creation of a wireless hotspot is the solution.

Your operating system does not come with a built-in feature for this, but there is an abundance of programs capable of doing just that, without too much effort entailed on your part, and one of them is Virtual WiFi.

Intuitive and easy to understand appearance

The application comes with a clean and compact user interface, relying on tabs to organize its main sections and allow you to switch between them with ease.

The main window of Virtual WiFi lets you define your hotspot’s details (name, password, Internet connection to be used), while two buttons on the lower edge let you start and stop it with just a click.

Configure and start a Wireless Internet access point

For the program to function correctly, bear in mind that you need to have a Wireless adapter. It is generally incorporated in most laptops, but it is rare on desktop computers. When launching Virtual WiFi, you can set the name of your wireless network (SSID) and a password of eight characters minimum.

A dedicated menu enables you to select the Internet connection that you wish to share, should several be available. You can then click on ‘Start Wi-Fi’ and as soon as a device begins using your hotspot, you will be able to view their IP and MAC address in the ‘Connected Clients’ tab.

However, more advanced features, such as disconnecting a user or limiting their traffic are unavailable. The ‘Settings’ that you can modify consist of the ability to run the application at Windows startup or to keep the hotspot active when existing. You can also reset its settings, but you cannot alter the IP and MAC address or the maximum number of supported clients.

A user-friendly hotspot creator for you to try

All in all, Virtual WiFi proves to be a useful and uncomplicated software utility aimed to offers you the means of quickly setting up a wireless hotspot, sparing you from having to deal with excessive configuration options and enables you to use it in no time.

Virtual WiFi Video Guide

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