Virtual Ethernet Switch

Generate a customizable Virtual Ethernet Switch that allows you to adjust various parameters by relying on this lightweight, yet useful application.

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Virtual Ethernet Switch Description

Working with multiple computers usually requires you to set a network, thus increasing overall efficiency by establishing communication protocols between them.

While it is possible to rely on traditional hardware tools, you can also turn to specialized software, such as Virtual Ethernet Switch, that can help you achieve similar results in a more convenient way.

Note that this application requires .NET Framework in order to run properly.

Simple user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic, unsophisticated user interface that allows users to benefit from its functions without needing to spend time looking for them.

If you encounter any difficulty while operating this utility, you can turn to the user guide. However, you need an Internet connection if you decide to browse it.

Useful Ethernet switch application

You can rely on this application to turn any supported computer into a virtual Ethernet switch, thus saving you from searching for additional hardware components.

It is possible to create switches that support up to four maximum available ports that you can use. Ports can be configured individually by clicking the gear-shaped icon for each entry and adjusting parameters from the corresponding window.

Handy configuration options

Virtual Ethernet Switch allows you to view a list of available adapters on the left side of the window. You can connect any supported adapter to your virtual switch by clicking the link button for your desired item. Alternatively, you can disconnect them by hitting the unlink button.

It is possible to choose between two levels of “Routing Smartness”: the Smart setting allows you to receive only intended traffic while the Dumb one can receive all unfiltered traffic. Additionally, local traffic can be blocked or allowed by toggling the corresponding option from the Slot Settings window.

To wrap it up, Virtual Ethernet Switch can help you generate a virtual network environment, thus allowing you to connect your supported hardware components in a convenient way.

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