ViroFilT Pendrive Security

Perform fast, yet reliable security scans on local or removable drives, in order to detect and clean viruses, unwanted shortcuts, hidden items.

  • ViroFilT Pendrive Security
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sakthikumar

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ViroFilT Pendrive Security Description

ViroFilT Pendrive Security is a simple to use application designed to help you detect potential threats stored on local or removable drives. The tool can detect various types of malware, including the shortcut virus or dangerous items that are hidden. Moreover, it can perform security cleaning for the selected drive.

Scan local or removable drives

ViroFilT Pendrive Security is designed as a protection tool that can detect files and folders that present a risk of infection for your system. The program runs in the background and can scan the selected drive on demand.

You can choose to scan either a local drive, the entire system or a USB drive you connected to the computer. The program can automatically detect the connection, the type of the drive and the letter, displaying them in the interface.

Once the flash drive is detected, the scanning option is automatically activated. The scanning report is displayed in the designated tab, in real time, based on several criteria: viruses, unwanted shortcuts or hidden files/folders.

Protect your system by detecting threats

ViroFilT Pendrive Security can detect several types of threats, as well as erase the items it finds as dangerous for your system. You may view the entries prior to erasing them, in order to select those you wish to erase and un-check the false alarms.

The process can go on in the background, if the drive is large and the latest detected items are displayed, as a preview in the dashboard. Moreover, the program allows you to enable/disable the Task Manager, Control Panel, Registry editor, Command Prompt or the option to hide files/folders.

Protection against shortcuts and hidden items, not viruses

While ViroFilT Pendrive Security can quickly detect hidden items and shortcuts, the program cannot detect the Eicar test file. This document is usually viewed as a dangerous virus, by most security software. Moreover, it can only perform the drive scan on demand and even if the program generally runs in the background, it does not offer real time protection.

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