Replace your native Windows menu bar with a functional El Capitan OSX one in an easy manner by turning to this lightweight application.

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ViFind Description

Spending most of your time working on your computer can sometimes feel like a monotonous activity, mainly due to the lack of variety, visually-wise.

However, if you find yourself in the situation depicted above, you can turn to third-party applications, such as ViFind, which can help you customize some components from your workspace.

Effortless setup

Deploying this program on your system can be accomplished without significant efforts since you are not required to perform any additional or complex configuration steps.

You just need to launch the installer executable, accept the End-User License Agreement and follow the on-screen instructions in order to set it up successfully.

No configuration required

This application does not need you to configure it in any way since its main purpose is only to replace your original Windows menu bar with an OS X El Capitan one with minimal difficulty.

After you launch the program, you can see that your default menu bar has been replaced with an OS X-like one, but with similar functionality. For instance, calling the Start menu can be done by clicking the Apple logo.

Functionality issues

On the downside, this utility comes with certain functionality issues, which can have a negative impact on your overall experience. For instance, clicking the volume or the network icons does not yield the expected feedback, nor does clicking the Date and Time widget.

More so, terminating a tray process does not instantly remove the icon from the tray. Instead, you have to close and re-open the tray menu so that the information can be updated efficiently.

Simple menu bar replacement utility

To wrap it up, ViFind is a lightweight application that can help you enhance the looks of your workspace by replacing your default menu bar with an El Capitan-like one. It requires no additional configuration, can be easily installed on your computer, but some of its components are bugged and might affect your experience in a negative way.

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