VideoStitch Studio

A video editor specialize in processing video files in order to create professional 360 videos by taking advantage of the latest CUDA technology.

  • VideoStitch Studio
  • Version : 2.3.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :VideoStitch

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VideoStitch Studio Description

VideoStitch Studio is a powerful video editor, designed to help you create panoramic videos, with a 360 angle view. The program supports several types of videos and enables you to manually position each video in its place, on the main screen. You can thus manually overlap certain points and ensure image continuity.

Load videos and quickly adjust them

Enables you to load and preview several videos at once, adjust them and create a panoramic video. The tool features a powerful rendering engine that allows you to preview the video stitch in real time.

The program allows you to import several videos at the same time and quickly adjust their attributes. For instance, you can easily crop them, to help them fit in the frame, as well as view a graphic preview of the yaw, the pitch or the roll. The graph also indicates the global orientation, color correction tool and exposure.

Video correction and merging

VideoStitch Studio allows you to merge video screens so that you can create a 360 panoramic view of the captured event. You can use the automatic synchronization tool that the editor offers, as well as the calibration and exposure compensation functions. When capturing 360 degrees videos the auto-exposure settings in the camera may differ and cause the video to look segmented.

The program also features a stabilization correction tool, as well as a batch stitcher function, designed to facilitate creating the video. The synchronization tool allows you to arrange all the videos to the same offset and analyzes the videos based on motion detection or flash trigger.

Powerful rendering engine

VideoStitch Studio is capable of merging several videos together and supports managing high-quality image/audio streams. It can process the video across multiple GPUs and creates high-resolution output. The tool is suitable for stitching together videos from trips or taken with portable cameras during extreme sports and many more.

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