VideoMux Pro

A straightforward piece of software designed for all kinds of users who are looking to mux video and audio into a single stream of data.

  • VideoMux Pro
  • Version :1.2.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DanDans Digital Media

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VideoMux Pro Description

VideoMux Pro is a comprehensive multimedia tool that seems to be tailored especially for those who want to easily attach an audio track to a video stream. With it you are able to mux video and audio files into a single product for which you can also modify some basic characteristics.

A user interface that appeals to all

Right off the bat, VideoMux Pro spares you of any workflow related issues that can generally appear with an application of this type. At a first glance you see a well structured interface with all the main features and tools displayed in plain sight, easy to access.

VideoMux Pro is split into two main sections, one in which you work with the video clip and one for the audio file.

Customize the original sound and the video size

VideoMux Pro offers you the possibility to customize only a handful of the output video characteristics but even so they’re more than welcome. You can choose to remove the audio that was originally embedded into the clip or keep it and adjust its volume so it doesn’t overlap with the new one in an undesirable way.

Depending on what you plan to do with the video, or more precisely on which device you intend to play it, the application enables you to choose the frame size. You can apply a custom crop while maintaining the original aspect ratio, manually delimitate the area you want to keep and even set the width and height in pixel values.

Quickly crop out the exact audio segment you need

As far as audio editing goes, there’s not much to it. Once you load the track that needs to be merged, its waveform is displayed and based on that, you can effortlessly choose the portion you want to cut and insert into the new video.

Apart from that, it’s also possible to amplify or reduce the power of the audio stream using a slider.

Mux video and audio in a few simple steps

To sum things up, VideoMux Pro is by all means a practical and reliable tool which you can certainly use to combine video and audio streams for a quality output.

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