Generate looping effects for short videos by rendering motions in various scenes thus making them look alive using this user-friendly tool.

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VideoLoops Description

VideoLoops is a daring attempt to video editing, providing the essential features needed to create looping effects from short videos, with an emphasis on progressive dynamism – a concept that produces lively scenes.

Provides a simplified environment for video looping

There are various techniques that can achieve video looping, but most of them require that the spatial regions included in the loop, as well as the loop period be identified and set by the user.

This application provides a whole different approach, arranging for each pixel to determine its own interval by segmenting each scene into two types of regions: areas with naturally occurring periods and static segments.

The loops are created using 2D technologies and become progressive once the segmentation process is initiated, resulting in highly interactive media content that looks very natural.

Despite the complexity of the algorithm, users don’t have to put an extra amount of effort into the process, because everything is performed automatically without requiring special intervention.

Includes a viewer, but can be run from command line as well

The download package consists of two utilities: the looper, which is a command line application that needs to be run alongside the path to the source video, as well as a viewer that can be used as a player for the output media.

Because the technique is so sophisticated, the generation of the loops can take a fair amount of time, with a heavy stress on computer resources. Three files will result from the rendering process: a five-second video loop, another that will contain three successive instances of the same loop, as well as a VLP file that facilitates user access to loop editing.

In other words, you can take the VLP output to the viewer and edit the regions that you think need adjustments. You can also use the slider to customize the level of dynamism for the animated objects.

A useful tool for generating looped videos

All in all, VideoLoops comes across as an innovative and versatile way to create video loops that will stand out through the increased liveliness embedded in the rendered scenes.

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