A simple and easy to use application whose main function is to help you reduce the total size of your videos, supporting a wide range of formats.

  • VideoCompressor
  • Version :2017 (4.0)
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abelssoft

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VideoCompressor Description

VideoCompressor is a straight-forward and efficient software solution designed specifically as a means of shrinking movies in order to make them fit on removable media drives or prevent them from taking too much space on users’ computers.

The application makes its function quite obvious, so even the least experienced users will manage to handle it with ease, while its simplistic interface and lack of customizable preferences show that it is mainly designed for novices.

In order to compress a video, users will first need to load it into VideoCompressor, which they can do in the classic way, by browsing for their file and selecting it to be processed or they can drag and drop the item onto the surface of the program’s window. Using the built-in video player, users can watch it to make sure it is the movie they were after; it offers very basic functions, namely ‘Play’, ‘Pause’, ‘Stop’, ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’.

The ‘Compression Level’ slider allows users to select the degree to which the file should be reduced in size, and VideoCompressor also provides them with an estimate of the ‘Target Size’ of the processed item. Other than this, there is nothing more users can adjust or customize, not even the output location, let alone visual and audio ‘Quality’ or other such details.

Pressing the ‘Compress’ button will cause the application to begin analyzing the file, the process duration depending on the initial size of the movie. When done, a popup window enables users to retrieve the video and further work with it as they please. VideoCompressor does not support ‘Batch’ mode, meaning that if users need to resize several items, they will have to do so one at a time.

To summarize, VideoCompressor is a helpful utility that can assist users in resizing their movies to a preferred dimension, thus saving space on their system and facilitating their transfer.

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