Video Watermarker

Apply image or text watermarks to video files on your computer in a convenient manner by relying on this lightweight, handy application.

  • Video Watermarker
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Video Watermarker Description

If you work in the video editing market, you probably understand that sometimes you need to protect your content against various forms of theft.

One of the most popular ways of doing so is by applying a distinctive watermark, thus making it harder for others to copy or steal your work. Video Watermarker is a software solution that can help you accomplish that.

Non-complicated installation

Setting up this application on your computer can be achieved without great efforts since it does not require any additional configuration on your side. At some point, you might be prompted to install an additional component that is vital to this program’s functionality, in case your computer lacks it.

Its design is minimalistic and organizes its features in a neat manner, thus preventing you from spending time looking for them. A user guide is also provided within its interface, to help you better understand and operate its controls.

Adds text or image watermarks to your videos

You can rely on Video Watermarker if you need a quick, painless way to protect your video content by adding watermarks. This application enables you to accomplish that without difficulty since its functions are highly straightforward and can be used by a broad range of users.

It is possible that you can edit multiple video files at the same time by importing several items before processing them. After you select your desired content, you can decide between adding image or text watermarks by clicking the appropriate tab according to your needs.

Customizable watermarks; video conversion

Aside from letting you apply them, this application also provides you with various customizable parameters, such as size, opacity, font, style, alignment, border or background.

More so, after you are satisfied with your results, you can export the video to various formats by choosing your favorite one from the combo menu, under the Execute tab. Therefore, you are provided with a rather large variety of functions that might come in handy.

Lightweight, efficient video watermark tool that also includes video conversion capabilities

To wrap it up, Video Watermarker is a reliable application that can help you protect your video content by enabling you to apply text or image watermarks to them. More so, it also integrates conversion capabilities, thus offering you a broader range of possibilities. Its interface is simplistic and can be easily operated by a large number of users, regardless of their PC operating skills.

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