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A useful software that enables you to play a video, then pause it at the exact moment of a character line, in order to type in the subtitle.

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Video Subtitle Creator Description

Video Subtitle Creator is a simple to use software dedicated to helping you to write the subtitles for a movie. The software can play the movie and pause it at the exact time a character line begins or ends. You can type the translation of the speech in the box right next to the movie player.

Type in the subtitles while the movie plays

Subtitles make it possible for you to watch movies in which actors speak in a language you do not know or are not fluent in. The line translation however needs to be perfectly synchronized with the actor’s speech, otherwise it creates confusion.

Video Subtitle Creator allows you to play the movie, then pause it at the exact time the actor speaks, so you have enough time to write the translation of their line. The text editor in displayed as a box, right next to the movie player, so you can watch the movie while typing in the lines.

Simplistic interface

Video Subtitle Creator offers you the means to watch the movie and identify the exact moments of the actors’ speech. Simply load the movie, click Start, then wait for the characters to speak. The supported video formats include AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP, ASF, WMV, ASX and SWF. The ‘Add Sub’ button allows you to Pause and Resume the movie at the required times.

Clicking the button once adds the beginning time and the number of the line. Clicking the button the second time adds the ending time, thus marking the display duration of a particular phrase. At the same time, with the second click, the software pauses the movie, so you have enough time to type in the sentences. Clicking the same button a third time resumes the playback.

Effective subtitle creator

Video Subtitle Creator allows you to manually type in the subtitles for any movie or clip that you load. The three-click button enables you to easily type in each line, set the required display duration and pause/resume the movie at any time. You may easily save the subtitle stream as a SRT file, when you are done typing.

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