Video Image Master Pro

An easy to use and reliable application designed to extract images from your videos, create photo slideshows or convert videos to various formats.

  • Video Image Master Pro
  • Version :1.2.7
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :A4Video

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Video Image Master Pro Description

Video Image Master is a reliable application capable of batch processing images, videos and music, by extracting images from video or convert a slideshow of pictures to a video file. You can easily create slideshows with music running in the background or extract still pictures from video.

Video to images

The software can convert a clip to a set of images, by separating frames from the video stream. You can trim the duration of the video if, for instance, the first few seconds of playback are blank, then select the conversion options.

You may extract all the frames, one frame per second, save a video still every few frames or simply extract a total of desired frames. This is especially useful when processing a large video file, that requires many resources.

Additionally, set the image ratio, format, rotate images and decide if you wish the software to automatically rename the output files, after conversion. Video Image Master can also handle batch video clips, meaning that you can extract still images from more videos simultaneously, while maintaining the same settings.

Images to video

The software enables you to create image slideshows and save them as video files, for easy transfer or for publishing. Simply select the images you wish to include in the process. Be sure that the pictures are just as you wish them to appear in the video, since you cannot edit them.

The application can apply automatic photo resizing, in order to fit the images to the selected resolution. Alternatively, you can set it to resize all images to fit the height and width of the first picture. Video Image Master supports multiple output formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, SWF or MKV.

Music in the background

Music can also be added to the background of the slideshow and adjust the rendering. You can increase or decrease the number of images displayed per second, as well as the FPS value.

Similarly, you can add a soundtrack to the output video when converting a single image to video. The duration of the video can be custom, or it can match the length of the audio track.


Video Image Master is a multi-purpose image and video conversion tool, that enables you to extract still frames from movies, as well as perform the opposite process, of converting a picture slideshow to a video file. The software supports multiple output formats, for image and video files alike.

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