Video Clip QuickTool

A video processing application that can easily cut clips, rotate or flip videos, adjust the output volume, or change the frame size.

  • Video Clip QuickTool
  • Version :0.2.5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :A4Video

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Video Clip QuickTool Description

Quickly cutting parts of a video does not necessarily require a professional tool. Although it does not deliver the extensive functionality a full-featured editor does, an application such as Video Clip QuickTool can do its job just as good when it comes to clipping, rotating, flipping, or converting a video.

Cut sections you don’t need out of your video

If simple is better in your case, then Video Clip QuickTool is a rather good choice. Its main feature is cutting videos to remove sections you don’t need, such as the end credits or the trailers or advertisements at the start of the movie.

Its interface comprises all the features within a single window, where the preview area takes more than half.

Cutting a video shouldn’t pose any difficulty at all, as all the controls as extremely intuitive. You just have to set the starting and the ending points on the bar (unfortunately, there are no boxes to enter starting or end times or frame numbers). As you do so, you will surely notice the preview area updates accordingly. Therefore, it is possible for you to take a look at the beginning and ending scenes to make sure frames you want to keep are not removed by mistake or lack of accuracy.

Change frame size, rotate, and flip videos captured with a phone

Video Clip QuickTool also enables you to customize the frame size of the resulting video and even comes with a frame cropping tool.

In addition to this, it comes with video rotation and flipping capabilities, which come in handy when processing videos that have been recorded using a mobile phone. Moreover, it enables you to set the rotation flag for mobile phone videos. With just a few clicks, you can configure Video Clip QuickTool to rotate or flip a video once, twice, or three times.

A simple way to cut, rotate and flip video clips

Video Clip QuickTool provides a quick and convenient manner to perform basic editing operations to your videos, especially those who you recorded using a phone. The range of formats it supports includes some of the most popular types of video files, and the list of output formats is even broader.

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