ViArt PHP Shopping Cart

Handy, customizable eCommerce system based on PHP that encompasses a content management system as well as a ticket handler service.

  • ViArt PHP Shopping Cart
  • Version :5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ViArt Software

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ViArt PHP Shopping Cart Description

ViArt Shop PHP Shopping Cart is a PHP eCommerce system that can help users implement virtual shopping cart capabilities within their websites. It features a service for content management and can also handle tickets through a HelpDesk Ticket system. Its aim is to provide users with relevant functions so that they can set up and maintain an online business with a virtual shop service.

It is worth mentioning that it comes with a series of requirements that need to be fulfilled so that the utility can be used to its full extent. Those include a web server for ViArt Shop PHP Shopping Cart to be deployed to (either Apache or IIS) and that supports serving pages written in PHP, as well as a supported database by choosing from MySQL, PostgreSQL or other ODBC-connected ones.

Its features include a comprehensive shopping cart, complex calculations based on discounts, bulk or trade, a stock level management service, account manager systems for both user and administrator accounts, several payment modules, encrypted databases, download support for certain products, a web-based system for administrating content. It also encompasses a discussion forum for customers, opinion polls with charts, customer reviews sections, product news and an upcoming events board.

System requirements

  • A web server (Apache or IIS) where ViArt Shop will be deployed
  • Your web server should be capable of serving web pages written in PHP
  • One of the supported databases:
  • MySQL version 3.22.x or higher
  • Any ODBC connected database
  • Zend Optimizer 2.1.0 or higher

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Restrictions:
  • Products 50
  • Products Categories 10
  • Articles 100
  • Articles Categories 20
  • Administrators 10
  • Ads 100
  • Ads Categories 10
  • Support Requests 100

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