Advanced network solution for fax and voice mail exchange via a modem or Internet telephony, featuring auto-answer, restricted user permissions, and more.

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Venta4Net Description

Venta4Net is a software application that gives you the possibility to send fax and video messages using a computer. Mostly geared toward experienced users due to a generous range of advanced tools, the program also includes wizard for those with minimal background.

Setup and initial configuration

The installation procedure may take a while to finish. Apart from setting it up as a server or client, Venta4Net offers to make file associations.

Once the app is launched, you are required to specify location information when it comes to the country or region, area and carrier code, number to dial to access an outside line, along with the phone system (tone or pulse dialling). Multiple locations can be added to a list to easily switch through them later.

Basic and extended connection settings

In the following steps it is necessary to customize connection settings when it comes to the fax modem via TAPI or port, along with Internet telephony. Venta4Net also lets you put together a list with multiple IP telephony accounts and routing rules, allow the phone to answer only known callers, as well as establish parameters for SIP port listening, STUN server, H.323 TCP port, and IP port range for voice and fax data transfer (RTP).

Advanced and simple-to-use fax messaging tools

The software application comes equipped with a phonebook that includes a whitelist and blacklist, log book for incoming/outgoing sessions and new/sent/received messages, manager for the inbox, outbox, new faxes, service, cover page templates and stamps, scheduler for active, passive, completed, failed and postponed tasks, in addition to a script editor. Evidently, all these utilities can be configured in depth.

Furthermore, the app integrates an automatic answering mode, groups for administrators and users with restricted permissions, a message wizard for first-time users, the ability to scan documents, record and play voice messages, and more. Data can be backed up to file and restored later.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error dialogs were shown in our testing, and the app did not hang or crash. It had a good response time and minimal impact on system performance. To sum it up, Venta4Net implements a wide array of features and configuration properties for sending and receiving fax and video messages.

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