Venta4Net Plus

Resort to this professional network fax and voice solution that, as an added bonus, comes with support for tasks issued via email.

  • Venta4Net Plus
  • Version :
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Venta Association

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Venta4Net Plus Description

Venta4Net Plus is a feature-rich network utility that enables you to exchange fax and voice messages via a fax modem or the Internet, being a comprehensive alternative to Venta4Net.

The product comprises both a client and a server component so that the messages prepared by the former can be pushed with the help of the latter. In order to ensure the process is not restricted in any way and communication can take place, a modem connected to a phone line or the Internet is required.

Customizable user rights can be implemented, with the possibility of managing any individual’s access to the message delivery schedule and log books.

A multitude of goodies are integrated into the program, with the server working as an answering machine. Phone conversation recording features are included, with the option to play back text files using speech synthesis engine being close at hand as well, along with many other great features.

Besides, the software utility comes with support for an email-to-fax and email-to-voice gate mode, not to mention that it can handle networks with a terminal server and thin clients. That is to mean that Venta4Net Plus server can also be assigned tasks via email.

Needless to say, given the nature of the application, the program targets mainly seasoned users, but a wizard is also close at hand in case any issues are encountered. A highly customizable set of features, however, recommend the application as an all-encompassing solution for users looking for reliable tech to reconsider the way they communicate.

System requirements

  • Fax modem

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 30-days trial
  • Maximum number of clients: 3
  • No forwarding of incoming message files by email option
  • Maximum conversation recording time in the call registration mode: 20 minutes
  • Maximum answering machine message duration: 30 seconds

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