Seamlessly develop a graphic elements that you can use for your website, business-card, T-shirt or applications using this intuitive program.

  • Vectr
  • Version : 0.1.16
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Vectr

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Vectr Description

Whether you are an active tech blogger or you are working as a web designer, there is a good chance that you come across situations when you have to use the identical or similar graphic elements in different projects.

Vectr is a lightweight application that enables you to craft impressive graphics that are scalable and can fit well in numerous types of projects, from coming up with an interesting logo to designing the icons for an app you are about to launch.

Sleek interface that includes a basic set of drawing tools

Upon first launch, you are going to be asked for your credentials, so if you do not have an account already, you should create one to access the program. While the idea of logging in might seem redundant, the truth is that it actually serves a good purpose, namely to make sure you can synchronize your projects on all devices you intend to access it from.

Even though it comes with an appealing and modern interface, you should know that the app does not include too many drawing utensils. More precisely, the tools you can employ for your project entail import images, freehand drawing, adding text, altering colors, background, changing the opacity and inserting various preset shapes.

It would be nice if the utility came with more editing and drawing options, as to avoid the need to use other third-party software solutions for this purpose.

Allows you to save, export and share your work

it is necessary to mention that the program enables you to export your project to PNG or you can drag and drop it in the desired location to save it in the same file format.

A further noteworthy feature is that the program makes it easy for you to share the elements you are proud of or for which you need a second opinion on the major social networks.

An easy-to-use tool for designing basic graphic elements

Despite its highly appealing UI, Vectr could use several more drawing features, as otherwise you cannot create more than very basic visual elements with it.

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