Valve Steam

Play games on any computer using this client and an account, connect with friends, keep track of achievements, chat while playing, and more.

  • Valve Steam
  • Version : Jul 17 2017
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Valve Corporation

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Valve Steam Description

Steam is a popular platform for playing games purchased from its own store (DRM) on any computer that has this client installed. The games get updated automatically.

In-game progress, achievements and other settings are saved to the cloud, thus ensuring that you can pick up where you left off even on another desktop. Besides games, you can add software programs to your library.

Play games on any computer and connect with other users

The application has features dedicated to the player community, enabling you to connect with your friends by creating lists, play with them, chat via text and microphone, as well as keep track of their favorite games and play time. Moreover, developers can implement part of Steam’s functions into their own software, such as in-game achievements and networking.

Set up a Steam account to buy games

To get started, it’s necessary to create an initially free Steam user account, whose further limitations (e.g opening group chats, using browser and mobile chat) can be lifted for a small fee.

Suspicious account logins are avoided thanks to an authentication system that uses your smartphone. Once everything is set, you can browse the catalog of games and software to make purchases. The tool keeps you informed with the latest and most popular releases.

Share your Steam library with others

It’s possible to back up and restore programs, share your Steam library with your friends and family so that they can access, download and play your games when you’re not logged in, access community features and take screenshots while playing (Steam Overlay), and stream gameplay to other PCs in your local network.

Furthermore, you can switch to another interface language and skin, disable news notifications, manage your content library for game downloads, adjust sound and video settings, create a collection of music to listen while playing, and so on.

Intuitive game manager with cloud

Taking everything into account, Steam is ideal for round-the-clock gamers who want easier access to their favorite games as well as a wide range of goodies, from achievements to community sharing. It’s fairly easy to set up, thanks to its intuitive interface and options.

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