V-Ray for SketchUp

Get improved rendering speed for SketchUp, enhance your scenes using advanced lighting tools, and pay attention to every details with this application.

  • V-Ray for SketchUp
  • Version :2.00.26579
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Chaos Software, Ltd

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V-Ray for SketchUp Description

As one of the most popular 3D modeling software solutions, SketchUp is fit for various drawing projects, including interior design, 3D printing, or architecture. Aiming to equip SketchUp with advanced rendering capabilities, the V-Ray extension enables SketchUp users to obtain photo-realistic models.

Control lighting to render realistic scenes

The V-Ray extension is easily deployed and integrated into SketchUp, allowing users to access its features either via the ‘Extensions’ menu or the floating VfS toolbars. All the controls are within reach, but it is advisable to take the time and go through the extensive documentation to get the most out of this Sketchup plugin.

As every experienced graphics designer knows, there are various factors that affect the outcome when rendering an image. V-Ray tries to take into consideration the most important ones, namely lighting, used materials and mapping.

Dedicated to this purpose, it comes with powerful lighting tools to help you generate natural light in your scenes, making shadows and reflections look realistic. Thanks to these tools, V-Ray for Sketchup saves designers the time and effort needed to manually adjust lighting parameters.

Edit and create realistic materials

Aside from lighting features, V-Ray for Sketchup includes a material editor with built-in preview that opens the doors to tampering with colors, transparency, texture, refraction depth, and various other settings that affect the appearance of the final result. It’s possible to create new materials using transparency and texture mapping, as well as manage two-sided materials using V-Ray for Sketchup.

Relying on the V-Ray RT CPU & GPU engine, V-Ray for Sketchup can retrieve almost instant feedback. Additionally, camera and rendering presets are available.

Visualize your Sketchup scenes with no compromise on quality

V-Ray enables Sketchup users to visualize the result of their work, providing high-quality and fast rendering that can improve their workflow and productivity.

And thanks to its lighting features, Sketchup users can benefit from natural light in their scenes while preserving reflections and details, all without too much effort.

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