A benchmarking tool that can help you evaluate your computer’s performance and compare it to the score obtained by other similar hardware configurations.

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UserBenchmark Description

From time to time it is recommended that you put your hardware to a test to check if everything runs at it should. One benchmark application that can lend you a helping hand in this matter is suggestively called UserBenchMark.

Test your hard and USB drive, CPU and GPU

UserBenchMark aims to provide you with an objective evaluation of your computer’s hardware configuration, enabling you to compare the obtained score to that of other users.

The application is capable of running tests to assess the performance of your hard drive, USB drive, processor and graphics card, displaying both strong points and weaknesses in a complete online report that displays the score, alongside advice to help you fix found issues.

Get an online report and compare scores

The tests UserBenchMark performs include S.M.A.R.T., 4k Align, SATA, TRIM and NCQ for hard and USB drives, as well as read and write speed evaluations. To assess the performance of the CPU, the application runs string, floating and integer tests, while the score for the video card is generated by launching complex DirectX 9 and 10 3D animations that require high graphic resources.

Aside from the overall results, the online report includes scores for each of the tested hardware components, displaying the health of the hard drive, the graphics card and the processor. The developer’s website also enables you to compare your result with other computers that have a similar configuration and take the necessary measures to enhance your PC’s capabilities.

A benchmarking tool for both beginners and advanced users

UserBenchMark makes it easy for you to check your system’s performance, proving to be a good tool in case you intend to upgrade your system. It enables you to compare hardware configurations using the same criteria and bring together components that will make a system responsive and fast. Furthermore, it is very easy to use, so it can be easily handled by all users, regardless of their experience.

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