Easily visualize the processes and programs which are in execution on your PC’s system with this application that offers basic handling for such entries.

  • UserAssist
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Didier Stevens

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UserAssist Description

Obtaining an informative view on all the processes and programs that are running on a given PC can be achieved in several ways. UserAssist is here to provide users with a centralized view of all the programs and processes that are in execution on their machines. It will allow them to also load local registries, manually input REG or DAT files and view information about the preferred entries.

Single-window interface that offers a poor overview of the operating system processes

The application carries a crude interface that provides a basic listing layout, where one can visualize the processes that are and have been running on the operating system of the deployment PC. One will be able to view different details about the OS processes and, fortunately, the utility’s interface can be resized.

However, people cannot select the details that are displayed and this might be a bit frustrating since maybe not all of them are relevant for some users. Furthermore, the different details cannot be rearranged on the interface and this could also be annoying to some extent.

Visualize your PC’s processes or registry entries and load REG or DAT files with this utility that might exhibit minor flaws

UserAssist will enable people to also load the local registry entries or manually input REG or even DAT files for previewing the corresponding data. When right-clicking on any given entry, one will have the options to either clear the selected entry or visualize a short explanation.

Nevertheless, on our tests, the explanation feature didn’t function on any of the selected entries and this could be undesirable for users who wish to learn more about the various system processes. The fact that the application does offer exporting capabilities, to text format, might, however, compensate for its drawbacks.

Average software solution for those who wish to visualize the OS processes and programs executed on their PCs

This utility could be a decent choice for users who require an accessible way of visualizing the operating system processes and programs running on their PCs. It will provide them with a straightforward interface, which will allow them to view the processes, load local registries, manually input REG or DAT files and export them to text format.

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