USB Flash Drives Control

A tool that offers access to few, but powerful, options that helps you quickly and easily control your flash storage drives easily.

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USB Flash Drives Control Description

USB Flash Drives Control provides you with an application software for intelligent management your USB ports, rather than your USB storage devices. With USB Flash Drives Control, you can quickly and easily lock your USB ports as well as perform various other actions to help you achieve the task you have in mind.

For starters, USB ports can be tweaked and managed in order to act just the way you see fit, thus solving and even prevent some very important potentially malicious activity. Although USB Flash Drives Control can be replaced by advanced operating system knowledge, the fact that you actually need to possess an above-average level of know-how makes this particular piece of software to come in very handy for everyone.

As soon as you deploy and start USB Flash Drives Control, you can access it through its system tray menu. It may seem like it has just a few options that you can select from; however, it is all there, packing four witty operational methods. The first of them acts like a reset button for the others, resembling the default configuration of the system, which does not restrict or lock the USB ports in any specific way.

The following options, though, are the “piece de resistance” of USB Flash Drives Control. The ‘deny execute mode’ refers to blocking of the execution of every single executable file on USB sticks, thus adding a protective layer to the overall system security, while the ‘read only mode’ does not allow you to write anything of the USB flash drives. The last technique is the ‘disable USB Flash Drives’ and it clearly is self-explanatory.

The bottom line with USB Flash Drives Control is that it does so little, yet you accomplish so much just within the least possible time interval. Moreover, you can also protect the application from being terminated and removed by locking it with a password. Even though it is quite far from the best possible software, USB Flash Drives Control truly deserves a place within anyone’s software arsenal.

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