USB Block

A modern-looking software application that can help you protect your computer by restricting the access of specific portable devices.

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USB Block Description

USB Block is a powerful program that enables users to prevent data leakage by allowing access only to authorized USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, external drives and network connections.

After installation, this software utility asks you to input a password. It might be a good idea to remember this one, as you will use it constantly. Every time a portable device is connected to the computer, this tool will display a small window enabling you to authorize or block the device with the help of your passkey. Moreover, USB Block remembers the devices used in the past and their status.

The program’s interface has a modern design and is quite user-friendly. This means that any type of person can work with it, no matter their previous experience. The main window has a tabbed display that enables you to browse through a detailed summary, control center, authorized devices, reports and logs, and settings.

USB Block can run in “Stealth Mode”, which means that the shortcuts are going to be hidden from the Start menu/screen, desktop and Control Panel. This option can be enabled using a custom hotkey.

The password can be changed at any point, and the software utility can display the last one hundred logs and reports, containing details such as device type and name, number of total insertions, and PC user. This option can help you monitor the actions taken on your computer, so that you can be sure security was not breached.

To sum up, USB Block is a handy piece of software that enables you to block unwanted USB drives, CDs, DVDs, network access and external drives, so as to protect your computer from data leakage. The user-friendly interface, stealth mode capabilities and extensive reports are efficient features that make the program a smart choice.

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