Using this application you can convert measurement units used in electricity, magnetism and sound, and you can also print the results.

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UnitConvertor-C Description

UnitConvertor-C is a Windows application you can use to perform conversions between multiple measurement units related to electricity, magnetism and sound. It comes in handy to all types of users with no Internet access, since these kinds of conversions can be quickly carried out using various online services.

Installation and GUI

The setup procedure is fast and shouldn’t impose any difficulties, since the wizard has familiar steps. It’s wrapped in a simple interface, represented by a large window with a neatly organized structure, where you can explore all unit groups available.

There are electric resistance and resistivity, electrostatic capacitance, inductance, linear charge and current density, magnetic field strength, flux and flux density, charge, current, electric conductance, conductivity, field strength and potential, magnetomotive force, sound, surface charge and current density, along with volume charge density.

Convert between numerous measurement units

For example, when it comes to sound, UnitConvertor-C lets you convert between bel, decibel and neper. All you have to do is enter the numerical value of the source unit, adjust the precision, and immediately find out the converted value.

It’s possible to print the report, hide the toolbar, status bar and hints, as well as toggle between intermediate and all session results. There are no other notable options provided by this program.

Evaluation and conclusion

It didn’t put a strain on the machine’s performance during our evaluation, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work normally. No error dialogs were shown and it didn’t freeze or crash.

On the other hand, the interface needs improvements in the graphical department, since it makes UnitConvertor-C look like an outdated tool. Moreover, the demo edition has some severe limitations that don’t allow you to properly test all the features.

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