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Share photos, videos, links, articles and other messages you commonly post on social network all from one location with this intuitive app.

  • UniShare Store App
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MSiccDev

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UniShare Store App Description

If you are like most people, then there is a fair chance that you are using at least one social media platform where you share ideas, links, photos, articles or videos with other users in the network.

UniShare Store App is an application that makes sharing on social media easier, smoother and faster, particularly since it allows you to post the same message on all the accounts at the same time.

Comes with a sleek and stylish interface

After a quick setup, you are welcomed by an appealing and streamlined interface that is designed with tones of black and blue. While the main window consists of the sharing tab, you are required to configure the application and enter the social media accounts you are going to share your posts.

The application enables you to create a new Profile name and specify the preferred type of sharing. Once you are done with the configuration, you can go back to the sharing tab and post your message, upload pictures from the library (or webcam is you have one connected to your computer) or copy the content directly from the clipboard.

Supports Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

The application is as simple to use as it looks, as all you need to do is post the message or content in the dedicated field and hit the Share button right under it. You will be happy to learn that if you checked to share on all accounts, then the utility provides you with a warning in case your content is not appropriate for Twitter or LinkedIN due to exceeding the number of words for example.

In case you are having any troubles getting around the application then you should keep in mind that you can access a tutorial from the Menu located in the lower right side of the UI.

A handy tool for social media power users

All in all, if you are commonly posting similar messages on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and you would like to make the process faster and smoother, then perhaps UniShare Store App could lend you a hand.

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