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Generate a specified number of Unicode characters with a single mouse click, by using this lightweight and portable software utility.

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Unicode Chars Generator Description

Unicode Chars Generator is a small, simple application that enables you to create a list of Unicode characters, which can be used for various purposes. It offers no advanced features, and it comes with a simple UI. However, some may appreciate it because of its lightweight design and the fact that it’s portable.

Generate large numbers of Unicode characters

As its name suggests, this application is designed to provide you with a list of Unicode characters that can be used in various projects. You can specify how many of them should be generated while keeping in mind that this delivers consecutive numbers.

By default, the Unicode characters are displayed as a continuous string, without any spaces. If you prefer something less cluttered, you can instruct the tool to show the results in a vertical list, although the process takes longer than usual. Unicode Chars Generator can also display the index number next to each character.

It is not possible to save the Unicode characters to file directly, and the alternative is copying them to the clipboard from the right-click menu. Since there are no customization options implemented for the character font, it’s necessary to paste the numbers in a text editor to get a better view.

Simple deployment procedure and minimalistic UI design

Once of the advantages offered by Unicode Chars Generator is the fact that no installation is required in order to take advantage of the utility. The single executable file can be run from any location, which means you can even place it on a portable storage device and use it on multiple systems without setup.

Given that the application does not create any registry entries or store additional data in your user folder, it is a good choice for those who prefer to keep their computers clean. As for the interface, it was designed with simplicity in mind, and many users who prefer functionality over looks are likely to appreciate its straightforward layout. Nevertheless, enhancements are welcomed.

Easy-to-use app Unicode generator

All in all, Unicode Chars Generator is a no-nonsense utility that, true to its name, can generate a user-defined number of Unicode characters. It is a very simplistic app, however, as it offers no additional features.

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