UltraMixer Free

An efficient and reliable software solution designed to provide you with virtual DJ mixing abilities for digital music, that can also function as a jukebox.

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UltraMixer Free Description

UltraMixer Free is an easy to use application that can help you create audio mixes from various digital files, in real time. It can be used by those with experienced as well as beginners, thanks to its intuitive interface  that makes it very simple to work with.

The program supports a wide range of audio formats, namely MP3, WMA, PGG, WAV and even CDs. In addition, it can optionally offer support for AAC / M4A files, thus enabling you to play almost any song you want.

Being mainly characterized as a DJ’s tool, UltraMixer Free features two digital panels (or ‘SoundPlayers’) instead of the ‘vinyl’ turntables. This means you can use it for any sort of event or location, such as parties, restaurants or your home. The ‘Mixer’ board enables you to easily adjust the ‘Equalizer’ settings and the volume level, or simply mute the sound. Moreover, you can change the pitch of a song or play a file on loop.

From the ‘FileArchive’, you can load all the music files that you intend to use into one or both ‘SoundPlayers’, or simply add them to the playlist, by spreading them equally or randomly throughout. In addition, it allows you to edit the songs’ ID3-tags. UltraMixer Free also supports the import and export of M3U playlists, so you can use previously created files without having to start fresh every time.

The application can run in full screen, as well as in the system tray, allowing you to access it whenever you need to make an adjustment, but without having it interfere with your other activities.

With UltraMixer Free, you can feel like a DJ whenever you want, playing music the way you always dreamed. You can also use this great tool to practice and improve your track mixing skills in little to no time.

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