UiPath Studio Community

Automate web or desktop processes by turning to this application that can help you simulate human interaction in a wide variety of ways.

  • UiPath Studio Community
  • Version:2016.1.6057
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:UiPath

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UiPath Studio Community Description

Not free for enterprise users. UiPath Studio Community is free for individual developers, small professional teams, education and training purposes.

If your job implies performing repetitive tasks within various applications, you might consider finding a solution to automate at least some of them.

Fortunately, nowadays you can turn to specialized software solutions such as UiPath Studio Community that can help you achieve quick, convenient results in the situation described above.

Comprehensive user interface

This program comes with a comprehensive user interface that packs an extensive set of functions, which can be easily accessed directly from the main window.

After you launch the application, you are prompted to either create a new project from scratch, load a template from the dedicated menu or open an existing project from your computer.

Automate processes efficiently

You can turn to UiPath Studio Community if you want to automate processes within various applications by simulating human interaction as accurately as possible. The application provides you with an intuitive graphical interface, which supports dragging and dropping and also provides you with a set of predefined activities.

Designing a process can be easily accomplished by assembling each of its steps into a diagram. More so, this program also features a recording function, which logs your activity on the screen and turns it into logical steps, making it possible to create automated processes or workflows.

Auxiliary functions

Furthermore, this utility packs a series of extra functions, which make it even easier to generate automated processes. Aside from its recording function, you can use the Screen Scraping or Web Scraping tools, generate user events and create or manage variables using the dedicated functions from the ribbon.

The UiExplorer component enables you to view a list of active processes along with their components and also displays a set of attributes, including path, PID, TID and position.

Reliable process automation tool with additional functions

All things considered, UiPath Studio Community is a reliable application that enables you to automate processes on your computer in an efficient manner. It comes with a comprehensive user interface, packs an extensive set of functions and provides you with auxiliary features, which can help you greatly simplify your work, such as a recording tool, a screen scraper and a variable manager.

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