Brings the full power of UHARC, one of the most effective compression command-line tools to be ever created, directly within the Windows shell.

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UHARC CMD Description

Nowadays, we kind of take GUIs for granted and we surely expect everything that is software-related to look as sleek and as inviting as possible. This, of course, makes it a bit difficult for most of us to imagine that CLI-based applications used to be the norm back in the day.

Started in 1997 by a man named Uwe Herklotz and rightfully associated with the term of “super compressor,” UHARC is one of the best compression tools to date. Being a commandline-based utility, there’s no surprise that, to make it a bit more accessible, the archiver has been at the base of a few GUI-based projects through the years, the most popular of which are definitely UHARC GUI and WinUHA.

Be that as it may, at least in theory, you don’t need a GUI to make a piece of software user-friendly and efficient, and UHARC CMD proves this point perfectly.

Easy installation and convenient Windows integration

In just a few words, UHARC CMD is a lightweight and extremely efficient piece of software that brings the full functionality of UHARC, directly within the Windows Shell.

Deploying UHARC CMD on your computer’s system, regardless of what you might initially believe, is reduced to just a few simple mouse clicks, thanks to its intuitive installer. UHARC CMD makes its presence know by smoothly integrating with Windows Explorer’s contextual menu.

Goof-proof workflow

Simply right-click any folder or file and you can effortlessly compress it with the minimum amount of fuss. Please note that you can also create password encrypted archives by selecting the “Securely Compress” option. Once the compression process has begun, the app displays a set of useful progress information within a CMD window.

If you plan on compressing bulky files, then you will definitely notice that the archiving speed is a bit slower than your typical, modern archive utility. The upside to all this is represented, of course, by the utility’s impressive compression rates.

Minimal set of features for compressing and decompressing files

Last but not least, by right-clicking any UHARC package (UHA archive), the utility allows you to view a list of all the files within the archive, to decompress it or to convert it to SFX. The latter option should automatically transform the selected archive into an executable file that can be used to decompress the stored files to locations of your choosing.

Before we conclude, you should know that, quite surprisingly, UHARC CMD features a proper GUI for its Settings section. Having said this,  you can check for the latest updates (although, we doubt there will be any), set the compression rates and ask the app to exclude various file attributes of file types during the compression process.

The most convenient way to take advantage of everything UHARC has offer

To end with, UHARC CMD is without a doubt a very capable tool and it is probably the most efficient and most unobtrusive utility that makes use of UHARC’s remarkable compression features. Therefore, if you are searching for the fastest way to use UHARC and barren looks and the lack of multi-language support are not of great importance to you, then, UHARC CMD might be exactly what you are looking for.

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