UDP Client Server

A package that consists of an UDP client and server, which work together in order to test network applications and detect intruders.

  • UDP Client Server
  • Version :1.1.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nsasoft LLC

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UDP Client Server Description

UDP Client Server is a program that makes use of both an UDP server and client in order to test network services and applications. It can also come in handy to detect intruders and harmful incoming connections.

It is appropriate for use by developers who need to test the efficiency of their UDP based application, as well as by network administrators that require a quick way of verifying the transfer of data over UDP.

The software market provides enough choices in what UDP clients and servers are concerned, but applications that encase both of them are the most valuable and sought after. This is why UDP Client Server is worth a shot especially that it is presented inside an intuitive interface and is fairly easy to use.

The main GUI is populated with a few simple buttons, which are complemented by two sections reserved for the data that will be sent throughout the network, as compared to the received information, which is listed just below the former.

First and foremost, it is necessary to select the network interface to be used, as well as the IP and port. These are detected automatically, although it is possible to change them according to your preferences.

The following step should be to start the server, to write the text to be sent and check on the result to see if it corresponds. There’s also the possibility to send binary data from an imported text file, if this option suits you better. Once the testing has been completed, you can shut down the server using the dedicated button.

To conclude, an application such as UDP Client Server is well suited during network tests, as it is able to assess the validity of the transferred data. It is minimally invasive on system resources and easy to use.

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