View out-of-date applications on your computer, download the latest available versions and install them to keep everything up-to-date.

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UCheck Description

Keeping installed applications up-to-date is important because this is the only way you can benefit from the most recent security updates and the latest features. UCheck is one of the software solutions out there that can scan your computer for outdated applications, providing you with a quick and convenient method to download and deploy the newest versions.

Analyzes your computer to find out-of-date software and gets the latest versions

Working with the application is intuitive, so no instructions are required. Nevertheless, a brief documentation is available.

The main window enables you to perform a scan of your computer and displays an overview of the outdated applications, including pending updates, installed applications, and programs available for download. To see exactly what applications have outdated versions and get a list of actions to perform, you just have to press a button.

A complete list of outdated programs is displayed, along with links to go to the official website or download the setup file for the latest available version. The update is grabbed and saved locally and, once the download is complete, the ‘Install’ button gets activated. As such, you can update any of your applications without a lot of effort.

Integrated uninstaller and easy software deployment

UCheck can also act as an uninstaller. It shows a list of all the applications that are deployed on your computer, providing filtering capabilities and options to remove any of the apps.

Furthermore, it offers access to a software repository that hosts the latest versions of a large number of applications. Thus, you can use it to populate a newly installed Windows system with the applications you like or need. This process is similar to updating a program. To be more specific, clicking the ‘Download’ button fetches the setup files, and following the on-screen instructions deploys the application.

Software updater, uninstaller, and program deployment in one tool

UCheck is not just a software updater. It also allows you to monitor installed applications, or deploy new ones when needed. Moreover, it can help you uninstall applications you no longer require. Nevertheless, it would be handy to have it print out a rating for the recommended applications and a short description of each, not just the category.

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