Ubiquiti UniFi Video

A powerful IP camera management system dedicated to Ubiquiti surveillance devices, providing a web-based interface to configure all connected controllers.

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Ubiquiti UniFi Video Description

Ubiquiti UniFi Video provides you with a centralized platform for the management of H.264 megapixel IP cameras manufactured by Ubiquiti. It runs as a Windows service and features a comprehensive web-based interface that guides you through the configuration process and allows you to ensure that all cameras are functioning as they should.

You can easily access the web GUI using the system tray context menu, which also comprises options for starting and stopping the service. Ubiquiti UniFi Video is capable of automatically detecting connected controllers and help you set up the system in a matter of minutes.

Access to the platform is encrypted via the HTTPS protocol, in order to prevent unauthorized modifications to camera configuration. Administrators can safely and remotely open the controller UI using any web browser.

Ubiquiti UniFi Video features event recording, allowing multiple on-screen viewing panes for monitoring more than one camera at the same time. The automatic management function leaves the difficult tasks to Ubiquiti UniFi Video, which is possible thanks to the advanced motion detection engine and the full-time recording capabilities.

This centralized platform allows automatic firmware updating for each of the monitored cameras, saving you the trouble to perform this operation manually.

Ubiquiti UniFi Video implements a reliable and powerful IP camera surveillance system addressed to Ubiquiti products. It can generate extended reports on events, while the automation capabilities makes it very easy to work with.

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