UA9OV CwType

This terminal program is designed for CW radio operators and allows them to make transmissions from various devices connected through LPT ports.

  • UA9OV CwType
  • Version:2.20
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:DXsoft

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UA9OV CwType Description

UA9OV CwType allows amateur radio CW operators to transmit from the keyboard, a paddle or any other transceiver connected to an LPT port. The program returns digital Morse code to a COM port without using the system’s sound card.

Simple interface with handy commands

UA9OV CwType allows you to configure the transmission properties by setting several preferences: callsigns, messages of choice or startup mode.

The program features a simple interface in which you can control the speed of the transmission, measured in the number of rendered characters per minute. Moreover, the callsign buffer is a function that allows the program to automatically send callsign exchanges.

For instance, you may easily enter the ‘C’ callsign value in the dedicated window and activate the transmission. You can view as the exchange is instantly sent through the COM port and turn on the transmitter by clicking the TX button. Additional embedded messages can be created with the help of the ‘RST’ and ‘Name’ buffers.

Transmission speed, quality and other properties

UA9OV CwType allows you to configure the transmission by entering the desired characters in the workspace, in the lower half of the program’s interface. You may view the result of the transmission in the dedicated ribbon right above the workspace, where the transmitted characters are gradually displayed.

You may easily change the parameters for the transmission speed, dash/dot ration or inter-letter space, by manually entering the values. The speed of the transmission can be changed with the help of the hotkeys.

Changing charsets and configuring the sound output

UA9OV CwType allows you to modify the keyboard/PTT port types and map the port pins to certain functions of the keyboard/paddle. The output sound transmission can be optimized based on the soundcard of your choice, such as speakers or headphones. You may enable the MOX functions and change the charset from English to Russian, Swedish or a custom one.

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