A simple to use application that allows you to seamlessly configure your U-Blox GNSS receiver and determine whether its capability is in accordance with your project’s specifications.

  • u-center
  • Version :8.26
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :u-blox

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u-center Description

Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS if a term that encompasses a methodology of providing navigation and other location-related data to users across the globe. To be more precise, the idea behind the GNSS is to use a network of satellites to broadcast signals that are processed by specialized receivers to determine the speed, location as well as the time for users worldwide.

u-center is an application that enables you to perform GNSS testing of the u-blox chipsets, boards and modules by providing you with an environment that is easy to configure and manage. The data you retrieve via the program can be exported to Google Maps and Google Earth for further evaluation and validation.

The program enables you to analyze satellite status charts and cockpit instruments data in real-time and determine the dynamic and static behavior of the GNSS receiver. The app allows you to select the desired parameter you want to monitor and create 2D charts, histograms, tabular views and compute statistics that you can examine more thoroughly using other third-party software solutions.

Last, but not least important, the application provides you with a simple means to configure your GNSS-capable devices. In addition, you can save the custom configuration settings you used during the testing so that you can determine the validity of the data. u-center can also be of great help if you need to troubleshoot your device or reset it to factory settings.

System requirements

  • U-Blox GNSS receiver

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