With this simple and user-friendly compression application, you can archive or extract items from existing ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ISO, IMG files.

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TZip Description

TZip is a lightweight and intuitive software solution that was created to offer you a method of compressing and decompressing files in a variety of archive formats, both by means of a graphical user interface and from your Windows context menu.

Well-organized and appealing looks

The application features a very clean and accessible appearance, its main window displaying a tree view panel listing your computer drives and media libraries, allowing you to easily browse through your system in order to identify the items that you want to archive.

TZip’s ribbon offers three main buttons, for easier access, specifically ‘Add’, ‘Compress’ and ‘Extract’, each serving a distinct function in the process.

Effortlessly archive and decompress files on your computer

Should you want to add one or several files from your computer to a ZIP, you can gradually move to the storage directory and either select several items at once, by keeping the CTRL key pressed while clicking on the targeted files, or you can individually ‘Add’ the items to the ‘Toolbox’.

You can view the ‘File List’ and uncheck the boxes of the items you no longer want, then press the ‘Compress’ button. This will enable you to define the output path and name of your archive, as well as its format: ZIP or 7Z. The ‘Advanced Options’ section allow you to protect it using a preferred password.

If, on the contrary, you wish to decompress an archive, you also need to browse to its location, select it and click the ‘Extract’ button in TZip’s ribbon, then opt for a destination folder. Supported formats include ZIP, RAR, 7Z, IMG, ISO, TAR, GZ, GZIP, JAR, WIM, and several others.

Moreover, since TZip integrates into your context menu, so you can extract or compress documents just by right-clicking them and choosing the proper option, then following the necessary steps to decide save name and location.

A handy compression instrument

To conclude, TZip is a useful and reliable program which aims to assist you in swiftly extracting or compressing files, even having the possibility to password-protect the created archives, to ensure their safety.

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