A data converter, enabling users to transfer TXT or CSV tables to SQL databases, that provides command line support and batch mode.

  • TxtToSql
  • Version :3.6 Release 1 Build 170715
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Withdata Software

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TxtToSql Description

SQL servers are employed in a variety of settings, from complex commercial endeavors to simple household uses. As such, developers have created numerous tools that complement or enrich in one way or the other users’ experience with such databases. TxtToSql is one such program, meant to assist users in easily transferring information from various common files to SQL servers.

Choose which tables are migrated

Specifically, the tool can target CSVs, TXTs, and TSVs, although a specific internal structure must be present for the transfer to be successful. Once a valid source file has been selected, users are free to choose which tables are extracted. This is a great feature, as it removes the need for an editing tool to discard unwanted items before issuing migration commands.

The common delimiter adjustments can be made and one also has the option to specify the encoding used. Several transfer options are possible, including append, replace, or update tasks and one of the great features is the ability to preview results. Error handling is also an important aspect of the process, as the program can be configured to ignore a user-defined number of such events.

Batch process entire folders

Several other features stand out, such as the ability to load and process entire directories – an option available even in recursive mode. Also, users who are not familiar with these tasks will find the entire process quite manageable, as a built-in wizard guides newcomers through the entire operation.

The utility allows multitasking processes, as each new project is loaded in a different tab. As such, one can quickly shift through the various migration operations.

A practical method of transferring data from TXTs, CSVs, and TSVs to SQL servers

Summing up, TxtToSql is a valuable tool for anyone who regularly works with SQL databases. It allows users to quickly transfer data from text documents with a tabular internal layout and batch processes are also supported. The intuitive wizard ensures even newcomers will be able to transfer information.

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