TwistedBrush Paint Studio

Create artistic drawings using the numerous types of brushes provided by this user-friendly and straightforward application that also supports layers.

  • TwistedBrush Paint Studio
  • Version:2.08
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pixarra

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TwistedBrush Paint Studio Description

Artists often need to rely on specialized tools to channel their creativity and come up with impressive works. TwistedBrush Paint Studio is one such utility that can simplify their workflow while also helping them creating beautiful projects.

Straightforward user interface

The application comes with a user-friendly GUI that makes it possible even for those with little PC skills to enjoy its functions. In other words, you only need to choose the type of brush you prefer, adjust its size and select a color, then just start drawing.

In the left side of the main window, all available brushes are displayed, whereas the right panel allows you to select the color hue you are interested in.

Needless to say, all changes you apply to your drawing are visible in real-time, so you can undo them as soon as you make a mistake. Besides, you can work with several layers and merge them with a single mouse click.

Multiple brush types supported

Since TwistedBrush Paint Studio is addressed mainly to artists, it makes sense for it to provide a wide range of brush sizes and types. More precisely, it offers you the chance to create watercolor, pastel or charcoal drawings by using dedicated brushes. Hot wax crayon, sketching pen or smooth gel pen are also supported.

Regardless of the brush you prefer, you can adjust its size, opacity and density as you see fit, while keeping in mind that several types of erasers are provided as well.

Create a restore point or export drawings to image files

Once you are pleased with the outcome, you can simply save it as a graphic file and show it to friends and family. Alternatively, you can create a restore point for your current project, and then continue working on it knowing you can always revert to the saved state.

When it comes to exporting your work, the following formats are supported: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PSD, TBR, TGA, TIF or WMF.

To wrap it up, TwistedBrush Paint Studio is a handy solution for all those who want to replicate various types of artistic styles while using the PC.

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