An efficient and reliable software solution designed to function as an automated RS232, TCP / IP and USB data collection utility.

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TWedge Description

In order to connect with certain devices, you need an interface that can help you manage the data transactions to and from your computer. Sadly, some devices do not have such an interface, although they can be connected to a computer. This means that you cannot normally send or collect data from them.

Fortunately, there are certain software solutions, such as TWedge that can help you collect information from devices connected to your computer, but unable to send or receive data directly.

Powerful and seamlessly easy to use application that helps you connect to other devices

The program can help you facilitate the data exchange between your computer and certain devices, such as barcode scanners, scales or gauges. By doing so, it acts as an intermediate, collecting data from the devices and sending it to your computer.

Furthermore, the application can receive and send information from any device that can connect in way or another with your computer, either by USB, Serial Ports, TCP and UDP, or wirelessly via Bluetooth, depending on the connection supported by the devices.

Reliable and intuitive universal connection tool with user-friendly interface

TWedge connects your computer with other normally unsupported devices, by monitoring all your opened ports and collecting any attempt at data exchange that it encounters. You can also develop custom scripts, that can help you improve the data collection system.

This way, it can gather data transmitted by certain devices, such as barcode scanners, scales or gauges, then convert it to packets that can be read by your computer. Once processed, you can properly respond to the data that you receive.

A flexible data collection system that provides you with custom scripting options

To conclude, TWedge offers you a robust solution to device incompatibility problems, by allowing our computer to easily communicate with other devices, such as scanners, scales, medical devices, controllers, electronic gauges, WiFi controllers or access control systems.

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