Create bootable USB drives for Clonezilla, DRBL, Gparted or tux2live using downloaded or locally hosted ISO files with this simple application.

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Tuxboot Description

Having the ability to create bootable discs is always useful. However, nowadays CDs and DVDs aren’t necessarily the most popular storage devices since they’ve lost a lot of ground in front of the USB drives that have a much larger storage capacity.

Tuxboot is a small tool that was designed to help you create bootable USB drives. This means that you don’t have to burn discs anymore and can simply use the USB drive as a bootable device.

The product runs on multiple platforms and is extremely easy to use. Its interface is compact and hosts all necessary options to build such bootable device. The intuitive layout should make the program easy to handle by all users, despite the fact that the task is slightly more difficult than a beginner could be comfortable with.

In order to create such a drive, you must simply select the image file from the computer. The program supports a couple of file formats, namely ISO and 7ZS.

It’s also possible to define the device type (USB Drive or Hard Drive) as well as the letter of the drive.

All in all, Tuxboot is a nice tool that can be quite useful to have around. Less experienced individuals might find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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