Turtle Sport

Improve your training and racing results with this intuitive application that receives live feedback from your GPS device and allows you to define the gear used.

  • Turtle Sport
  • Version :1.7
  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Apparicio Denis

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Turtle Sport Description

Running has become more and more hi-tech, as users are increasingly turning towards smartphones and smartwatches to monitor their performance. This allows one to record accurate metrics and improve the overall results. Acting as an intermediary between professional or amateurs runners and their tracking devices, Turtle Sport allows one to enhance the utility of the data retrieved from GPS recording sessions.

Compatible with most Garmin running models

The lightweight program integrates with many such devices, including Garmin and Suunto models. More-so, users can customize a wide range of specific parameters, such as the racer’s name or the gear employed; one can even add pictures for these entries and inserting customized race notes is also supported.

Since the application integrates with performance-monitoring smartwatches, one can easily obtain and monitor vital health data, such as beats per minute. Race-related metrics are also kept, such as the actual distance covered, the speed, and the dates involved.

Check the race distance with live satellite coverage

Satellite maps are available to racers and one can choose between multiple providers; if the default entries are not deemed satisfactory, users can always add customized map providers. As for the actual physical activities, the application comes with three built-in categories: “Bike”, “Running”, and “Other sport”, and anyone involved in other types of outdoor exercises can simply add user-defined items.

Probably the strong point of this intuitive tool is its ability to generate graphs and diagrams, based on the data received from the GPS devices. From yearly distances covered bar graphs to bpm trend line charts, the utility provides multiple informative diagrams, all of which can be sent to a third party via email.

A practical and comprehensive solution for recording racing statistics

To conclude, Turtle Sport is, unlike its name would suggest, a lightweight and fast solution for anyone in need of a software package to augment GPS running equipment performance. The application integrates with multiple satellite maps providers and allows users to generate highly informative diagrams.

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