Turbo Video Stabilizer

An application designed to help you remove any shakes from your videos in order to transform them into professional-looking clips.

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Turbo Video Stabilizer Description

Turbo Video Stabilizer is an application designed to provide users with the possibility to easily remove any shakes or trembles from their videos.

Simple interface

One thing that users should keep in mind right from the start is the fact that that they need a muvee account in order to take advantage of this program’s capabilities.

The software comes with a simple, straightforward interface, allowing users to easily browse for the video files they want to stabilize.

The tool allows users to preview their videos so as to make an idea of the amount of modifications that are required.

View details on stabilization tweaks

The utility analyzes videos and provides users with info on the shakes and camera trembles that it discovers, providing them with details on what it needs to modify in order to stabilize them, on a right-side panel.

Users can choose to stabilize an entire video, but they are also provided with the option to modify only parts of the clip, namely those that require editing.

Turbo Video Stabilizer can also change the orientation of videos, thus allowing users to customize their clips in the more ways. At the same time, the tool can upload clips to online destinations with only a few mouse clicks, for increased flexibility.

Heavy computer resource usage

During our testing, we noticed that the application requires a large amount of system resources when analyzing videos or making stabilization changes to them. At times, it can even load the processor to the full, which could result in slow performance.

All in all, Turbo Video Stabilizer is an easy-to-use, intuitive application that can help users remove any shakes and camera tremble effects from their clips, thus turning them into professionally-looking videos. The tool requires a large amount of system resources to function and needs longer periods of time to stabilize large videos, but it can prove a reliable tool even for beginners.

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