Virtual Private Network tool which enables you to easily play LAN games with your friends, without being restricted by geography and communicate with other users..

  • Tunngle
  • Version :5.8.9
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tunngle.net GmbH

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Tunngle Description

Playing games is no longer restricted only to one’s computer, as more and more users from all over the world like to play against each other over the Internet or within the same network, with their friends. Those who want to be able to enjoy their LAN games with people from the other side of the world can try Tunngle, a specialized VPN tool.

Going through a pretty complex setup and create an account

It needs to be mentioned that in order to make sure this program functions without any glitches, users also need to install the additional drivers offered during installation. A couple of modes are available so that the setup process either follows a standard configuration, or custom one in which all elements and drivers are enlisted.

Once the PC is restarted to complete the setup process, users can create an account or enter their credentials in order to be able to connect with the large community behind Tunngle. Users can not only login to existing networks depending on the game they want to play, but they can also join chats and make friends with other users who share the same interests.

Communicate with other users and customize a few aspects

Each game has its own dedicated virtual private network (VPN) and messages can be sent to any gamer in the same network, while the integrated messenger can also come in handy for getting acquainted with new people. Creating a user profile can also come in handy for those who are looking to become friends with other gamers.

Considering this utility is created for a wide range of people who might or might not be tech-savvy, its default settings are enough to ensure smooth functioning of the app – further customization is available nonetheless, but not necessary. To be more accurate, you have access to multiple skins and sound alerts.


To sum it up, Tunngle can be of great use to those who want to play LAN games with their friends regardless of the country they live in, yet it can also be used as a secure way to chat and have fun without needing to set up complex parameters.The computer’s performance is not going to be hindered, the response time is quite good and the interface is quite intuitive. We did not come across any errors, crashes or bugs in our tests.

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