Stream audio data to AirPlay receivers connected to the computer, adjust the volume, alter the sound using an equalizer, and choose between different streaming modes (real-time, normal or buffered).

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TuneBlade Description

TuneBlade is a software application designed specifically for helping you stream your preferred music to various types of AirPlay receivers connected to the computer, such as AirPort Express and AppleTV. In addition, it is able to handle AirPlay-enabled speakers, Hi-Fi receivers, Shairport4w and Kodi.

Clean looks

The utility sits quietly in the system tray without interfering with your work. With just one click on the tray icon, it automatically searches for AirPlay receivers.

The GUI looks simple and minimalistic. It reveals a list with the connected devices and lets you start or stop the audio streaming process and adjust the volume.

General configuration settings

TuneBlade offers you the possibility to automatically look for updates, run the tool at Windows startup, automatically connect to receivers upon discovery, and work with a built-in equalizer (it can be turned on or off).

You may show a wider volume control, streaming mode, master control and video launching options, as well as equalizer button.

AirPlay streaming and audio capture tweaks

You can choose between different streaming modes, such as real-time, normal or buffered streaming, or manually adjust the buffer size. The tool lets you put the connection on standby when no audio is detected for a certain time period.

When it comes to audio capture adjustments, you are allowed to opt for direct or virtual device loopback and capture audio from any specific audio endpoint.

Video, remote control and AirPlay receivers

TuneBlade gives you the option to open a video file or YouTube link to play it on VLC (with video in sync with AirPlay audio), show video launcher on user interface, remotely control the application from other devices on the same network (you may protect the utility with a password), as well as refresh the list with receivers and add a new one manually to the list.

Bottom line

To sum things up, TuneBlade mixes up a user-friendly interface with a rich suite of settings for helping you gain control over the audio streaming process, and can be mastered by rookies and professionals alike.

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