Open-source Tumblr blog download app that allows you to download photos, videos, audio content and text from any given blog with very little effort.

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TumblThree Description

Grabbing a lot of content from Tumblr is not easy without a specialized utility, whether you wish to download some interesting images or create a local backup of your blog.

TumblThree is an open-source application that makes this task a lot easier, as it enables you to download image, video, audio and text data from multiple blogs easily. It is a rewritten version of TumblTwo, which itself is an improved form of TumblOne. For those who want to use software on the go, it is worth mentioning that the app offers an optional portable mode.

Add new blogs and download their contents in a few easy steps

Once you have launched the application, you need only copy the blog’s URL to the clipboard, as it will be added to the list automatically. After starting the crawl process, blogs can be added or removed from the queue at any time.

TumblThree allows you to specify what should be downloaded from each blog, such as text posts, images, audio files, videos and so on. When downloading content, a preview of the current photo or video is displayed in the main window.

Highly customizable Tumblr blog downloader

Aside from selecting the items to be saved, it is also possible to set the desired image and video resolution for downloaded media files.

Additionally, the application allows you to set the maximum number of parallel connections and blogs, limit the scan bandwidth and even use a proxy when downloading.

Relatively easy to use, but the UI could do with an upgrade

When you get the hang of things, you will find that TumblThree is really quite intuitive. If you do run into any issues, however, you can consult the available online documentation.

Unfortunately, the user interface looks rather outdated, and some users may find the app’s layout to be a bit confusing at first.

All in all, TumblThree is a reliable application that does its job well. It is a great choice for any user who wishes to backup their blogs or download content from Tumblr, although it would benefit from a modernized UI.

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