Download all the pictures from your favorite Tumblr profiles to your computer, thanks to this intuitive and practical application.

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TumblrDown Description

TumblrDown is a user-friendly and effective piece of software whose main purpose resides in helping you save all your favorite images from Tumblr profiles, enabling you to grab numerous pictures with a single click of your mouse.

Intuitive and clear-cut usage

In terms of appearance, the application if far from impressive, its minimalistic GUI comprising only the most essential buttons, nothing more.

However, TumblrDown’s simplictiy simplicity may very well appeal to individuals who wish to get the task done without too much fuss and configurations that surpass your knowledge.

Download countless pictures from Tumblr blogs with one button push

Whether you want to save the images from your own Tumblr profile or that of the people you follow, the program simply requires you to input the URL of the targeted profile, no login necessary. Pressing the ‘Add’ button lists the addresses in the lower section of the main window and you can input as many as you want.

Each new entry is immediately analyzed and TumblrDown will inform you how many posts the blog features. However, you cannot limit the number of files to be grabbed or filter them in any way, so all pictures will be saved, in the best available quality and format (GIF, PNG, JPG); videos and text posts will be skipped.

The default output location is a ‘Blogs’ folder automatically created on your desktop, a setting which cannot be changed. Once you press the ‘Download’ button, the utility will begin saving the pictures to your PC, in directories with the same name as the source Tumblr profile; clicking on ‘Show Images’ will open it.

A Tumblr image downloader for you to try

All things considered, TumblrDown proves to be a useful and practical application that can successfully assist you in grabbing the image contents of your favorite Tumblr profiles, with little to no effort required.

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