TubeHD Universal Store App

Enjoy YouTube content in a quick, intuitive way by turning to this handy application that lets you manage playlists and customize a handful of settings.

  • TubeHD Universal Store App
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TD Media

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TubeHD Universal Store App Description

If you enjoy watching YouTube videos on your computer, you probably know that certain programs can help you access and manage it with ease directly from your desktop.

One of the applications mentioned above is TubeHD Universal Store App. Please be aware that in order to function on your computer as intended, this utility requires an Internet connection.

Quick installation

You do not need to perform any complicated configuration steps to deploy this program on your computer since it is a Windows Store app.

The only actions you need to perform are navigating to its product page and hit the Install button, since the rest of the process is executed automatically, without requiring your assistance.

Smooth design

TubeHD Universal Store App comes with a sleek, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of well-organized, intuitive functions, simplifying user-software interaction and letting you access them without difficulty.

You can also use a simple configuration menu where you can adjust various settings related to the region, appearance and video quality by choosing the appropriate settings from the dedicated combo menus.

Enjoy YouTube videos quickly

Using this application, you can search for and play YouTube videos directly from your desktop. The main window provides you with a selection of popular items, but also lets you access recommended ones and videos found on channels you subscribed for.

More so, you can view a list of recently watched content, along with additional information, which includes upload date, the number of views and its channel’s name.

View playlists

This program enables you to log into your YouTube account and view a list of user playlists and access their contents. Unfortunately, no management solution is provided to you, as you can only display the contents of your playlists and cannot delete or relocate any of your videos.

While playing a video, you can view a list of its comments, reply, like or dislike it, according to your preferences.

Lightweight YouTube player app

All things considered, TubeHD Universal Store App is a simple application that lets you enjoy YouTube content on your computer without significant efforts. It can be easily installed, features a minimalistic user interface, packs a handful of straightforward functions, but, unfortunately, does not let you manage user playlists.

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