TTXN Screen Recorder Pro

Make FLV recordings of your current display, complete with audio, with this intuitive application that allows you to add a watermark.

  • TTXN Screen Recorder Pro
  • Version :1.8.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TTXN software

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TTXN Screen Recorder Pro Description

TTXN Screen Recorder Pro is a nice little resource that allows users to record their current desktop activity. Output files bear the FLV format.

Audio plus video in just one lightweight application

If a microphone is present, the program will capture both sound and image. This is a nice feature since having clips with no sound is quite dull.

Another notable thing about this utility is the ability to load common format pictures (BMP, PNG and JPG) as watermarks. This is a great way to personalize the recording.

The level of transparency can be adjusted, within the 10-255 range. The former value means almost total translucency, while 255 corresponds to full opacity. Any value in between is valid so there is a lot of room for customization.

Let your imagination go wild with the free-form draw function

However, if none such images are present, or users simply desire other methods of customization, the software comes equipped with a built-in draw function.

This can be used to leave distinctive writings on the screen, while the tool is recording. The only limit to what the pencil can draw is the human imagination!

TTXN Screen Recorder Pro allows users to increase the size of the pencil (values range from 1 to 16). This can be quite useful when heavy highlighting is required.

The drawing can also be customized with regards to the color used. With this feature one could, for example, write a text string with each letter of a different color.

A simple, but fun program

Although plain-looking, TTXN Screen Recorder Pro can be used for many purposes and entertainment is definitely one of them.

One could also create FLV tutorials on how to use certain programs, or just the general OS interface, complete with on-screen text strings.

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