TS School Standard

Manage your school with this comprehensive and flexible software that allows users to import information from other databases and generate reports.

  • TS School Standard
  • Version :5.1.132
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Time Software

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TS School Standard Description

Managing a big organization is always a tedious and complex task, the burden of which can be lessened by employing the right digital tools. Schools, in particular, can benefit significantly from such applications, as they can number hundreds of employees. If students are also counted, then the number of persons being managed increases to thousands and TS School Standard can provide a viable solution for lightweight administrative tasks.

Manage the day to day activity of the school

The application is a watered-down version of its more potent sibling, TS School Professional, but even in this state it manages to provide adequate power and flexibility for casual day-to-day school tasks. Specifically, the program can be put to good use when one needs to monitor the school’s human resources, both staff and students.

One of the notable features of the utility is that it relies on databases to store all the collected information. This setup ensures data is protected both against corruption and against unauthorized access, as one must insert a password to access school information.

Add photos for all staff members

As for the actual administrative tasks, one can keep track of teachers and students, but also other staff members, such as accountants, janitors or secretaries. Detailed records can be kept for all employees and one can even add pictures for easy identification.

Courses, subjects, teacher assignments, classes, and timetables are all customizable and most information recorded can also be exported to various formats, including PDFs, HTMLs, JPGs or XMLs. Transferring reports to emails is also an option, as is printing them from within the tool.

On the whole, an asset for managing the simple goings-on of small to mid-sized schools

All things considered, TS School Standard is a good tool for anyone tasked to watch over the day-to-day operations of a school or similar institution. It can keep track of all the involved human resources and can generate a wide range of informative reports in most commonly employed formats.

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